Perhaps,  I will not be able to capture everything in my day to day life. I know days will pass by and at times I will not know yesterday from today. To remind me in years to come of simple things that amused me, I’ll capture days in photos to remember moments that will last forever in megapixels.

A moment from my life:
Between tomorrow and today:
Trying something new:
I like taking photographs of moments that already passed:
December 17th, 2010 it snowed in Maccarese (Rome):
I enjoy visiting new places:
I’d go to the beach anytime:
Walking allows you to discover:
Piramide in Rome, Italy (Dec. 20, 2010)
Learning not to fall (Vermont January 2, 2011):Your habit is slowly killing me… will you miss me when I’m gone?Shisha:

I love being silly January 2011:

New drink of the moment “Strawberry Cosmo”:

My heart belongs to me:

Old, rusty, yet beautiful:

When you reflect:

When do we vote “stupid”:

Brrrr, it’s cold outside:

Deep blue:


2 thoughts on “Polaroid of the day

  1. You have a creative eye for subject and photograph composition. Your use of colour and perspective in “Between tomorrow and today” and “I enjoy visiting new places” is very effective. The black & white Shisha demonstrates a good sense of balanced space and line. Well done !

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