Yesterday, I had experienced a PANIC ATTACK and did not know what was happening to me. When my partner saw me, he described me as a scared kitten behind the wheel. It was an overwhelming and out of my control experience. I was very anxious and paranoid. I had a cold coffee, in Italy you are served a cold expresso. It was too strong for me as I did not have a caffeinated drink in a very long time. I hope information below can help you if you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

Panic Attack (noun)
a sudden overwhelming feeling of acute and disabling anxiety.

Hypersensitivity and Caffeine
Increased Heart Rate Caffeine does increase your heart rate, at least a little bit. Those without anxiety rarely notice. Those with panic attacks tend to notice it and then their mind immediately rushes with anxiety as it fears something may be wrong with your heart or that a panic attack is coming. This reaction then triggers the attack.
Stomach Discomfort Similarly, caffeine doesn’t always sit well in the stomach and chest. There are occasionally aches, pains, and other negative feelings that come from consuming caffeine, especially if you’re someone whose digestive system doesn’t love it. That discomfort can also trigger panic attacks for similar reasons.
Changes in Mental Sharpness Caffeine increases mental sharpness, which is actually a good thing. But still, when that sharpness increases, your mind may translate that change as something going on with your brain. This may also trigger the flood of anxiety that leads to panic attacks.


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