At times, life seems so surreal and yet, at times, it could not be more real. Either way it gets, I always do my best to enjoy life, to learn something new and to change myself without changing who I am or my beliefs. Challenges in life are the obstacles that often we  create ourselves. Maybe it is to protect the surreal world we have created or maybe it is to challenge the real world that surrounds us.

I am a mother of two kids that I love so much. I do my best every day to give them the upbringing they will remember with a smile on their face. I don’t necessary want their childhood to be magical, but I do want it to be well rounded. I think it is overwhelming to be a parent. Rewarding yes, but overwhelming. The energy that children have is definitely not something adults can compete with or should for that matter. I believe it is given to them to teach us how much more we can do. Not necessary that everything is possible to do, more so that everything is achievable.

I truly hope that as they grow, I will be able to make sense of this world to them. I hope to teach them confidence and self-esteem. I hope that the way I am raising them will allow them to think for themselves. I might not like it all the time, but I do hope to be able to accept it with pride.


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