At times, I forget what it was like being single and free…

The perfect balance to any relationship in life, I believe, is to find the perfect balance between always remaining single while being in a relationship. No “we” can exists without a complete “I”. Now, don’t get it twisted as I am not talking about egotistic, self absorbed and self centered “I”. I am talking about happy, self contained and well balanced “I” that helps the “we” be better “we”.

We get so caught up in moments and in ups and downs that we tend to forget to relax, take a deep breath and realize that life moves forward. Life goes on and we should be alive while living our lives to the fullest. The weight we carry on our shoulders maybe partially put there by the “loved” ones around us, but partially it is put there by our own selves. Lift the weight off and let you be you.

Focus on the “I” to be better “we”…


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