Why am I always disappointed? Why am I always fighting for what I want and you don’t care nor put any effort into what you want? Is it because you don’t want it? What do you want? What am I fighting for?

The world of men and women is no where near to be clear or near for us to understand each other from the first word. Of course, it is completely fine and with time it becomes easier to accept the concept, but not nearly as easy to agree with or to understand. On one part, we need each other for numerous reasons and on the other part, we function better separately. This is when the compromise comes in. The compromise is not for me to give up who I am or what I want nor neither for you to do the same. It is to compromise what is important for the “we” to function and for the “we” to survive the ups and the downs that are often there to test us together and apart. However, the work does not always seem to be equally distributed and inevitably one person tends to sacrifice a bit more. With time this sacrifice can destroy the “we” as it will tend to destroy the “I”.  “We” can not function without the “I”.

I do not want to be disappointed, but your criticism of me is never support by any concrete examples and it tends to get frustrated. I feel that you never show the time as to when you are well informed and when you took your time to educate yourself to confront any issues that did not involve only your opinion. Your negativity is disruptive. My disappointment does not come from the fact that you have an opinion, it comes from the fact that your opinion is always a negative view of things that are important to me and to who I am. You do not take your time to understand me better or at least I do not see any effort on your part to understand where I come from and who I am.

I am sorry if I ever hurt you, but I become defensive as it is in my nature to defend who I am and where I come from. Have you ever asked yourself of what do you bring to “we”? Have you ever wonder what “we” means to you? Please take your time to understand. Take your time to speak to me. Take your time to look me in the eyes when we speak. Take your time to plan our lives together. Take your time to dream together. Take your time to be “we” and spend a little less time with your toys. Prioritize, as it is not always clear what is important to you and if you even care of where “we” stand.



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