Remember when our life was simple… when we used to dance in the rain… when we had time to watch the stars fall in the hopes of make a wish on the falling star…

Ughhh to be honest, I can’t even remember what I ate yesterday for lunch. Life became such a “rush”. It runs at a pace which I can’t seem to catch. At times, I question if it is the life that changes us or are we the ones that change the life? Changes are good, changes are natural, changes are necessary or is it what we tell ourselves as we move forward at this hectic pace of life. At what exact moment do we grow up? Do we grow up? At what moment do we realize that our time is no longer ours.  That “our” time now belongs to our family, our loves, our friends and even the strangers on the street that stop you to ask for directions to the nearest bus stop.

Life is kind of all over the place. It challenges us as we challenge it right back, without realize that we are only adding challenges for ourselves, and no one, but us suffers the consequences of this game we play with life. Yet, life is beautiful and remains the richest gift anyone can receive. To say that I lived my life without considering what path I walked, is to say that I have experienced a unique gift of living. Gift of life is such a precious gem, sadly not everyone respects its value. I hope you will never forget the value of life my friend.

I just sneaked peeked outside and I noticed it is dribbling a bit. Off to take this moment in and dance in the rain…



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