You would think  that figuring out who you are is simple… starting with I am…
Hmmm, I don’t know perhaps it is me or perhaps it is the point in life where I am, but I do not know what comes after I am. I know I am smart and intellegent. I know I am beautiful inside and outside. I know I am loving, caring and always ready to help those in need. I know I am patient. I know I am funny, at least I hope I am. I know I am silly and yet at times take life too seriously.  But what am I beyond these attributes, who am I and why I am here? Who am I deep down? What do I want to achieve? I know I would like to be a peace ambassador and make a difference in people’s life, but does that makes me who I am? Life challenges us at every corner, it gives us opportunites to learn, to discover in first person, so later you can use this experience in life. Some use it for good, some use it for bad… not everyone can forgive. I wonder how I will use my experience, the good and the bad. I wonder if I learned my lessons. I wonder what else I have to learn. Life is beautiful and I truly enjoy it for all it gives me. I love life! Now I just need to figure out who am I?


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