So here I am, trying to find my zen, my center or if you will my inner I, to balance all the I’s in my world. Not only am I trying to find my ZEN, I am also trying to find harmony between I and I… hmmmm not so easy, but ooo so fun and this creative work process is allowing me to learn all about me and my limitations. The more I learn about my limitations, the better I feel I understand the world around me and this inner I. Finding internal peace is not easy and will probably take as long as I live, but it wouldn’t be this fun of a challenge if it was plain simple.
At times it feels like with years we, the humans, become meaner and more self centers. We no longer connect with the energy around us, with people who are part of that energy cube and most importantly we do not truly understand the consequences of our actions. I myself am guilty of it! Yet, the bigger picture is that we harm not only the fluid energy around us, we harm the harmonious circle we call life. To find the Peace of I, I need to understand what I can and cannot fix/change. What is possible and what is impossible… more so what is feasible and what is beyond my reach.
Life is too short and we only get one chance to waste it.
Focusing on little things, to fulfill the bigger picture!



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