downloadWhat am I fighting for? I don’t really know. Everything seems to be slipping through my fingers and all I want to do now is to scream. Yet, the silence fills the room and does not let the screams to disturb its presence. I wonder if anyone else feels the same. If anyone else feels lost and wonders so what is now, what is next? Does this self discovery happens often in life? What is there to do when you no longer have goals in life?

I just wished I knew the “why” to find “what’s next”  and maybe it is just a period everyone goes through to come out stronger and more sure in what they want to do. I used to know what I want to do, now I am not even sure what I want to be. Funny how life plays tricks. Funny how things work out at times. It is silly to think it is only me who goes through such emotions, yet at times it does feel lovely to find yourself against the wall, with no room to move and no time to think. Total panic!

As I get older I become more and more disappointed in humans; I notice that we no longer appreciate quality in life and search only for the best deal. We no longer show respect towards  each other or show manners, or simply care until something bad happens and even then our reaction is so unapologetic as if we have lost the simple human touch and our hearts are made of stone. We often don’t live the reality and lock ourselves in the virtual world where the sky is always blue and everyone is your friend. It scares me to think what life will be like in 20 years, but I truly hope I can change this reality or at the least make a contribution towards the changes that I believe need to take place. We all can do it! Even with something simple like planting a tree or picking up trash after yourself. Have you ever asked yourself what contribution will you leave once you are gone? Will anyone care? Will anyone remember?



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