We all have our good days and of course, some bad days… sometimes it is a mix, a day that started off good and ended up bad or the other way around… WHY??? who knows… At times, I just want to run away… be alone… it is so much easier when you are alone. Though I know, I no longer am alone and in few more days I will never ever be alone, but why is this so hard. Why two are so much harder than one?
It’s like a bad tango… you go left and I go right… you get close and I push away… why are we like that? Is this a sign, a warning, a bad omen or is this simply a hurdle to overcome? What are we or is it simple “we” that I don’t like so much? I want to simple run away…

I guess, I am just tired to sound like a broken record, tired to ask for the same things over and over and super tired to feel like you don’t care… Show me… stop telling me that things will change!


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