Dream like there is no tomorrow and so I did…

While googling around for a new cover I came across this beautiful image; an image of peace, love and water colors. It made me wonder and encouraged me to dream. Time changes and so is everything around you, but images like this stay still forever. Perhaps it is their luck of being forever timeless or perhaps it is a distress to never ever change. Not sure what is worse, not sure what is better.

It looks as if the bride and the groom have abandoned the wedding party,  escaped for a little walk in the park; just the two of them. Just as they start their new chapter together, just as they become the husband and wife, just as their lives merge together… They are walking together, side by side, hand in hand, while the rain drops singing softly a lullaby. There is no rush as they are together now. There is no need to escape from the rain, because they are now forever and ever will do all they can to make it work. Street lamps gently lighting the path as if million of fireflies are dancing in the rain around them.

Dreaming away while looking into stillness… AVS


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