It’s been awhile since I was able to put my thoughts together down on paper. This year has indeed brought many exciting, challenging and most definitely one of a kind moments to experience. I am a lucky girl. Not lucky because things come easy to me in life, but lucky because I get to experience all and everything. I am lucky because life spares no moments and allows me to live it in all colors possible. In 3 weeks from today, I will turn 27… In 12 weeks or so, my baby boy will allow me to meet him for the first time and will change my life yet again. Between then and now there is so much happening, so much to do and yet I do my best not to rush life, not to focus on little “must get done” things and instead to enjoy all those “might never happen again” moments of life. I try not to regret, though I still don’t understand why I am not able to be content with all the things that happened in my past.

What’s next, what’s new and what will to come… no clue yet. The road I walk on daily isn’t straight or turns when I turn… sometimes I manage to find an untraveled path… sometimes the road splits in 2 and at times it splits in 10… sometimes I find myself at the dead end and at times at the STOP sign… today the road is just straight with blue sky above me… for now, I’ll just walk… I’ll walk until I choose to turn or the road will chose to curve…


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