Can’t believe 4 years flew by just like that and now we are here in 2012…

So much has happened as expected… hair color is back to blondish color… though I still live in Rome… ups and downs over time has taught me invaluable lessons and LIFE has slowly took it’s own pace. I am not sure if all the lessons I learned were worth the experience. Sometimes I miss that simpler time when being poor or broke was nothing but being a student… when the biggest headache was homework and exams… when you gather together in the garden with friends and just chatted about life, gossiped about nothing life changing and planned how to spend the next “spring break”. Maybe simpler just depends on us… perhaps what I miss is the simpler moments that allowed me to fit in 109714-2356823495634956 items on my list of things to do and actually managing to finish them all. I miss friends who are now spread all over this beautiful planet and working hard on making their own mark in the bigger playground. What will the next 4 years will be like? To be honest, I HAVE NO IDEA. I do know that not all roads are walked yet and not all songs are sang yet.






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