Not feeling so good today; both physically and mentally. I am tired and feel completely out of my comfort zone. It’s tiring, even exhausting and I can’t seem to find a good balance as to how to make things work. I am not happy and I don’t like it. I want to smile, enjoy my day, dance, sing even if I sound awful and I don’t know why in this particular moment I am not able to do any of it. I just want to cry… maybe it’s my hormones, maybe it’s everything that has been happening since January 1st or maybe I have sacrificed something that I am not able to find within myself again. I feel alone even when I am surrounded by people and my little bean that is growing in my belly. Life is funny at times. Maybe it’s the moment of being blue before the sunshine will come out again and brighten my day once again. For now, I just need to be strong, cry, smile and dance even when people are watching! Change starts within !


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