Dear Soul,

Let me begin with saying: “Thank you, I love you!”

I have never done it, but as I was driving to day to discover yet another place… I decided to write you a letter. Yes, I wanted to write a letter to my soul. Tell you how I feel, even thought you already might know. Ask you for forgiveness, even though you might have already pardon all my sins. Tell you how sorry I am, even though you already understood my deepest sorrows. I am not perfect and I never pretend to be, but I strive to live right and strive to do good. Good by the DIVINE and good by the RIGHT AND WRONG  taught to me by my parents. At times I get angry, at times I overreact and at times I even react too quickly and don’t give myself time to think. I am learning and this is all I can do… or perhaps I can do more, but please understand this is not for the lack of trying…

I am here… passing through all this darkness and some blurry lights here and there on my way to discover something new and exciting… and yet I feel like the world is too busy at the moment, boring at times and I feel like I am living someone else’s life or is it someone else’s lie. I am here. I am present. But I wish to be doing million things in a million place. Not that I am not enjoying now, I only feel that now is not enough. As if now I could be doing more. Why is that? Do you know?

Why don’t you speak to me? Why can’t I feel you? Why don’t you answer me?


Why is it that lately all I dream are the strange dreams? Dreams that take me places I never been to and let me see people I have not seen in a long time. Makes the unreal feel real, like I am there… present and fully aware and yet, I know I am peacefully sleeping on the other end. Of course, peacefully is an overreach… as I am probably twisting and turning and trying to wake up from the strange dream.

You know I love music and I have not been listening to much music lately… I tried this weekend and now I can slowly feel the music back in my life…

You know I stopped taking million pictures…. I tried to take few this weekend and I hope to continue this week to find my photographic muse again…

You know I haven’t dance in a long while and I event get to do it this weekend… even when no one was watching… as if someone told me to freeze and hold my pose… all I want to do is MOVE my body…

What is going on my soul? Have you stopped communicating to me? Have I stopped listening? Can we fix our relationship? Can we make US work again?

I miss you! I love you!

Please contact me when you get a minute, I feel a bit lost without you!

Please forgive me and my grammatical errors!

Peace begins with I… 

Yours truly,



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