I have my own philosophy on life, love and friends. Of course, it evolves as I grow, learn, love, feel pain and discover what trust is time after time.

When it comes to love… you better love and try, than continue to wonder what it would be like trying and loving… I am personally, would much rather to LOVE and get hurt, than never try loving. When it comes to love, I’d rather feel the pain… because this is the time when I know that my heart is really trying to discover deeper feelings that I have never tried before…

When it comes to friends, I think your first and bestest friend is YOU-YOURSELF. When it comes to friends, second should always be your family. There at least one person in your family, if you are lucky you get more than one, two or even twenty who you know will always be there for you. When it comes to friends, count yourself lucky when you can find a complete strange cross pass your road of life and remain there for a life time. True friends are hard to find and even harder to keep…

When it comes to life, as they say live it like you will die today and dream it like you will live forever… Nothing is perfect, nothing last eternity, sometimes we don’t even get a second chance… just don’t stop trying, don’t stop believing and don’t ever stop smiling because the SUN WILL ALWAYS COME OUT TOMORROW… 



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