I do not consider myself a writer, but I love putting thoughts on paper and jotting my memories into paragraphs. I don’t know about “what ifs” part of this thought, but I would love to write a book one day. Well ideally, I would love to write few books and indulge myself into further studies of philosophy, psychology and criminal mind in order to connect it to Peace and Conflict Resolution. Who knows, they say sending your thoughts into UNIVERSE sometimes might boomerang few results back at you.CHAPTER 1: Everyday, ♥LiFe struggles with choices… to live or not to live. Everyday, someone is joining this world and someone is leaving for a better place. I always wonder what is out there BEFORE birth and AFTER death…

CHAPTER 2: ♥LoVe♥… Tending to idealize LoVe, many never get a chance to experience the full potential of this drug. Yes, love is a drug. Well, at least that’s what I consider it. When you take it in small doses, it makes you feel great and when you finally decide to get hooked… well this is when it get’s funky…

CHAPTER 3: ♥DeaTh♥… either way you lose someone, knowing when they will die or when they leave you unexpectedly, it is always a SHOCK. Pure delusion and undefined CHAOS. There is no reason or rhyme, just emptiness that might or might not be filled again…

One day, I will tackle this dream/goal/desire… for now I shall… well I’m not yet sure what I shall do for now. 


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