There was a time, not that long ago, when I use to lorrwe blogging. I was inspired, enchanted and mesmerized by this new world. This NEW world of thoughts, liberation and creativity. Then life got busier and blogging slipped from my priority list. Now it’s no longer even visible on a radar.  I miss it! I miss it a lot!

I miss the feeling of freedom it gave me. The feeling that I can learn to do anything and in the process I can document my adventures in this virtual space. Now, well it’s just different. The weight of life and responsibilities are taking all the fun out of it. The lightness of the idea to create is buried under the heavy thoughts of responsibilities. Thoughts of responsibilities to make it in this dark, big and scary world that seem to be degrading with time. Will I make it or will I not? Of course I will, don’t even doubt that 🙂

I guess I just need to find my FREEDOM place again


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