It’s been one adventures year. Not full of travels maybe just a bit, yet full of discoveries. A bit overwhelming and definitely full of new exclamation marks. The memories might be vague of all that took place, though nonetheless it all happened and I have PHOTOS to prove it! Like a magic story, each day completed my 2011 chapter of my life. What did I learn in 2011… hmmm good question! It was definitely a learning kind of year. Take notes and make few mistakes kind of time. Kind of like now as I am writing it. My head is full of thoughts, but this WHITE BLANK SPACE scares them away. I learned not to be afraid of this WHITE BLANK SPACE… though as you see, it will still require some practice in 2012. I learned to trust and I learned to love. I learned to judge less. I learned to stand up for myself, to say what’s on my mind and at times bite my tongue. Maybe bite my tongue will also require some practice in twenty and twelve. I learned to let my room get messy while I got to enjoy a beautiful sunny day outside. I learned to be me, over and over again. I also found my 2012 resolution, it is practical and simple. I decided to focus in 2012 on building… not buildings… no-no maybe in 2013… in 2012 I am just focusing on building the invisible kind of buildings… projects, thoughts, relationships, dreams and anything else that needs building! I promise to make it productive, enjoyable, full of pictures and of course FULL of LIFE! Now, let’s enjoy SPARKLES and welcome 2012 with bubbles! PEACE, LOVE and FIREWORKS! 


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