As the door  swings open, the cold air brushes against my legs. I am sittings in the local Starbucks of Sofia… enjoy chaos around me in the familiar place that even miles away from home, the surrounding makes me feel at home…

I was inspired to write this blog post while I was sitting in Starbucks, yet my smart phone technology has failed me. I guess wordpress is not fit for the blackberry world or maybe it was the network in Bulgaria. As my technology was failing, all I could wish  for is a pen and a paper, to at least scribble my thoughts down. That moment, those thoughts and feelings, all gone now. All I got is memory and even that failed to produce results I’m looking for.

I haven’t never been alone in a foreign country, well at least not that I can remember. There was always a friend, a family, my family or someone who I knew to keep me company. Now I was on my own, new feeling… as if I am lost in a big mall and not sure if I should call for help or look for an exit.

In total honesty, it is no longer the same writing few days later… kind of like writing to fill in the blank. The moment is gone and the thoughts I was ready to share, are simply no longer there. Even if I know perfectly well what took place, I can no longer find the right words to describe it.

There are times in life that always pass by and we forget to notice them… perhaps that’s what’s missing. Attention to the moments that are not so memorable, yet too important not too notice!


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