When it comes to love and distance… do miles really matter?

I am sitting in the dark room, drinking tea with lemon and honey and checking my work email. It makes me wonder why I am here and not there. Yet, it simply fits to be home on my mommy’s birthday. The best birthday present for my mommy… all her children are home.

I wonder why I am here and not there, because today I was asked where home is and I just couldn’t answer it. Do I have to have just pick one? See, my birth place is in Kyrgyzstan, a short period of my life was spent in a small Russian town, my teenage years were spent in New Jersey and my life and heart currently without a doubt are in Rome. So when you asked me where home is… I don’t really know where to define it. I guess as I have said it before… I am the child of the world and our planet is my home!

Though currently, miles do matter… love doesn’t really handle distance! 


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