One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.

~Henry Miller

Today is August 1st. Exactly 1 month before my 2 AND 6 birthday! I wanted to dedicate this month through this post to reflections. Reflections of my life, my thoughts, my desires, my goals and more importantly reflection of my previous 2 AND 5 years of my life. Not fully sure where this post will take me, but I wanted to give myself some liberty to follow all that’s on my mind before I’ll blow my 2 AND 6 candles to start the new year.

First thought, hmmm it’s MONDAY. My birthday this year happens to fall on  a Thursday. It will be my 5th getting to the 6th month of my relationship. Soon I  also will be celebrating the signing of my first ‘big girl’ contract, benefits and all. I am thinking about making a pretty big purchase/investment in my life. I am slowly putting together a puzzle of what I want from my career and where I want my life to take me. Though, honestly I am no closer today than I was yesterday. One day, one day!

August 2: Today, I feel the music in my soul. All I want to do is dance! I wouldn’t mind either if I could sing, but I am slightly tone-deaf! It’s sunny out and a bit too hot even for me! My morning started pretty bring and pretty early! I even managed to sneak in some breakfast: cappuccino and cornetto con frutti di bosco.  Got a little bit nostalgic and reminisced over last summer.  Now my tummy is growling. Time for lunch!

August 3 and 4: Yes, I am doing a little cheating and writing 1 post for 2 days. I just didn’t find a free minute yesterday to update the post. Sometimes life gets in the way or perhaps the way I see it, sometimes it is more important to live it than to write it.

August 5: I am watching Midnight in Paris and truly enjoying a little bit of Paris. The music, the outfits and the story line are so romantically sweet. The Eiffel tower is sparkling just the way I remember it!

Days no longer matter, but the “meaning of life” contemplation is slowly moving along. Besides wondering what is there to life, one big problems that is currently preoccupying my mind is: “HONESTY”. Honesty with ourselves and honesty with others. I am having the hardest time to digest the fact that some “truths” are not meant to be told. Why do we oblige to others’ “standards/upbringing/belief/morals/point of view“? Why do cultures/believes have such strong roots? Why do morals of one culture do not correspond to the morals of another? Why is it “white”? and Why is it “black”? Why is “us” and Why is it “them”? Why is “rich”? and Why is it “poor”? If there is only ONE EARTH, why do we believe to be MANY DIFFERENT? Too many whys, too little meaning. Not guessing, just asking.

Friends help you to solve problems, not create them! HAPPY BIRTHDAY G and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISHA! It’s a birthday day celebration, though I am  a bit too far to even give a birthday hug in person.

Today, August 17th, I dedicated my entire day to BPW International. I have created two new Social Media accounts for Young BPW International and made some updates on the EPW NY pages (now you can find Young BPW International on facebook and wordpress). It’s been very productive day, but now my head hurts and I need a break! There is so much work ahead of me and I need to organize myself better to able to accomplish as much as I physically can. Currently, I am on a short break aka vacation. I have done absolutely nothing, but relaxed, watched movies and enjoyed some good company. I am still hamster sitting.

It’s interesting how few days off, few less worries and few less unprofessional people brings peace back. Totally relaxed, but my few days off are coming to an end tomorrow. Working on my birthday present for my sweetie, but the program kept crashing.

23.08.11 today is our 5 months anniversary♥! Feels like yesterday and tomorrow, yet all at this moment as I type it. One day, I’ll write that book I thought about: “Couples therapy: What to do today“! There will only be 3 chapter: Yesterday, Tomorrow and Today. OK, that is all I am giving away now, more to come later!

Thought of 25.08.11: Some days it gets hot, other days it’s super cold and no, I am not referring to the temperature outside. Of course, it does not make it difficult, it only makes it interesting. Yes, that type of interesting. The kind that you can’t quite put your finger on it. There is never a right or wrong answer when it comes to that hot or that cold moment. There is never a switch to adjust the temperature. There is only that exact moment to figure out how HOT or how COLD you really want to make it. Don’t forget to take a deep breathe, before making your decision!

08.31.11: What did I discover for myself in my 25 years:

Hmmm, where do I even start. To be honest I learned A LOT (perhaps stating the obvious here). I learned,  I relearned and I am still learning! At the moment, I am trying to figure out what I want from life, where I want my life to take me and how I am going to do it ALL. I also learned that there are no MAYBES in life! The moment that MAYBE comes off your lips, in your head you already know if it is a YES or a NO. MAYBE is like the GRAY area, the place where you are unsure, insecure or simply care enough not to say what’s really on your mind. I also discovered that I am stronger than I ever knew or believed I could be. I sincerely believe that 2011 is a year of changes and so far my life has changed more than I ever thought it could in just one year. I know that I am more than ready to breakthrough  into the second quarter of my life and take my first step. I believe in reason and I life by logic! I believe in God! I am not afraid of truth, though at times I spare those around me as they might not be ready to hear it. I absolutely love intelligent conversations and can not stand when people CURSE! I give great value to words. More than anything I learned that when you are happy it always shows! 

09.01.11 Princess turns 26 today and HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY WONDERFUL GRANDMA!!! I love you babylya!!!

My only big birthday wish this year to my birthday fairy is to straighten everything out with my documents with no problems! Pretty please


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