At times, our short term goals/ideas/plans blinds our long term vision. At times, unwillingness to see beyond our point of view limits our decision making. It is not to say, at times we make poor choices, but merely point out that at times are decisions are limited and goals are short minded.

Take CVs for example:

A CV is short for Curriculum Vitae. Is in a basic overview of experiences and qualifications. Yet, we all know better. CV is not a statement certified by truth and only truth, and boy ohh boy do people make stuff up! It’s like adding value to a product through words and not by adding the actual components. Sooner or later, the buyer will find it that it is not a great product as described, but in fact a simple product with a very colorful resume.

Why do we try to be someone we are not? 

The quality if losing its touch. It is replaced by cheap and quick as consumers demand, which does not necessary means poor quality. It is exactly what you paid for, though don’t ask for much. Advantages of the economies of scale.

How would we recover from new crises?

Is 2011 new 2008? I personally don’t think so, but many see it differently.

What would it take to see a bigger picture here?

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