Talented and simply wonderful Jeanette

Have it ever happened to you? You hear a song and you like it. You improvise, take make create a video and upload your small creation on YOUTUBE. OK, OK this is the easy part.

Nine month later, no you don’t find yourself with a baby or another small youtube video, you find yourself at the Social Media workshop with the singer/songwriter sitting right in front of you. Yes, face to face. And yes she is asking YOU if you are the person who uploaded the video of her song on youtube. Cool beans ha!

Meet and greet Jeanette Arsenault! (My apologies, the creation of the second video took a bit of time)

My latest upload of her delightful performance at the XXVII BPW International Congress in Helsinki:


5 thoughts on “When I met Jeanette Arsenault

  1. Anastasia –
    I think we have a mutual admiration society! It was MY pleasure to meet you and sit in on your excellent social media workshop in Helsinki. Your enthusiasm, talent and knowledge were a perfect combination to make it fun & informative at the same time. So glad we connected & I look forward to our paths crossing again in future. Thank you for uploading the video – I will link it to my website, FB, eblast and Twitter it – make you proud! Jeanette

  2. It seems that it was a great day and fun. I loved Jeanette and her song, as if I was there too… You are so beautiful women, Thank you Anastasia, it was nice to meet you, Greetings and Love, nia

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