I must admit I strongly dislike waiting. Blame it on impatience or simply on the respect for my personal time, but I detest when people are late to meet up with me.

On the other hand, at that exact moment when I am about to get pissed off upset, I take a deep breath and exhale. I stop myself from getting angry and realize that though it is not perfectly fitting in with my plans, I have been given few minutes all to myself. This is where I take another deep breath and enjoy the busyness around me. At times, even quietness if I get lucky. In this moment, I push all the worries to the back of my head and enjoy the life as is. Sometimes, I even get enough time to let my imagination run wild and create stories of what life is like for passersby around me. I take that simply unexpected moment and embrace it. It is not always that easy, but always oooh so gratifying.


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