How to Handle Rejection

The votes are in. The long anticipation is coming to an end. The decision is finally here. Drum roll PLEASE…

I am sorry to inform you, but due to insufficient accreditation of your previously attended school, we have to decline your application.

What? Hold on just one second.

Surprisingly, I am simply speechless. I have been rejected based on something that is out of my control. More and more I wonder if we aka HUMAN SOCIETY thinks through before creating what we aka HUMAN SOCIETY would like to call rules and laws aka standards to be measured by.

So where do I stand now…

Thefreedictionary kindly defined rejection for me:

re·jec·tion  (r-jkshn)


1. The act of rejecting or the state of being rejected.
2. Something rejected.
3. Medicine The failure of a recipient’s body to accept a transplanted tissue or organ as the result of immunological incompatability; immunological resistance to foreign tissue.

Put that into a simple wording… to refuse to accept.

I personally don’t feel rejected. More disappointed in the fact that a simple bureaucratic policy, provided sufficient enough reason to decline an application of a strong candidate. I am not hurt, more disappointed in the lack of understanding of the facts. In the lack of good international coordination school system. In the lack of quality control.

I should not be punished based on how you recognize other institutions.

Thankfully, I am already on my newly created Plan B. It has been set in action. Updates on “Princess applying to Grad School” adventures to follow…


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