Poor are not our clients, they are our BROTHERS and SISTERS.

From time to time I volunteer at the Community of Sant’Egidio. Last night I tagged along with Dr. Claudio Betti, who serves as a Director of Special Services at the community. He is 100 pounds lighter now, but as always in great spirits and with a smile on his face. First I listened to his presentation about the Community of Sant’Egidio, its history and their work as he presented to the group from the Catholic Health Care. More importantly focusing on the community’s health care work  here in Rome and in Africa. For the first time I got a bigger picture as to why I am here and why out of all the places I got in touch with Sant’Egidio.  The work the community does is  exactly what I want to help make bigger and better, more efficient and more collaborative. This is exactly what I see myself doing with my life. Their DREAM work in Africa has changed lives of so many people though you never hear about it in the news.  The work the community does with few hands of help changes lives of so many people and people should know about it.

After, Claudio and myself met Jim Nicholson who served from 2001 until 2005 as the United States Ambassador to the Holy See. His wife Suzanne F. Nicholson joined us a bit later. During my conversation with her, I learned that she is currently on the Board of Trustees at the American University of Rome. I graduated from AUR in 2008. I would say the expression of “what a small world” fits best. Small world indeed! It was one of my first hands on experiences at the “politics behind the scene”. The world of connections, of who knows who, who can open which doors and yet the world that can change the lives of so many who can not speak for themselves.

Cherish the experiences as they come,

Nothing in life is without a reason.


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