If  I am cursed, I wish to know who put this curse on me.

Few minutes ago, I learned that I was rejected by the admission tutor because the school where I received my undergraduate degree is not recognized by their comparison system. Why am I always getting the short end of a stick? Thankfully it is never related directly to me or what I am capable of, but it is always due to the bureaucracy of this world? Has someone in my past really screwed it up badly with the government? I know what I am capable off, why do I always have to dig deep and go above and beyond to prove it to others. Why am I always questioned? What is it about me that is NOT GOOD ENOUGH? Is there a bigger lesson behind all the setbacks that I have experienced? Is there a reason behind all these second bests? Can I fix the past to fix the present? If I am cursed, I am asking God and angels to send me strength. I am praying hard to be accepted, to receive money to cover my Graduate  degree tuition and to find a job to pay rent.  I would like to learn to know more. I would like to contribute to resolving conflicts. I would like to challenge myself to challenge others including the bureaucracy of it all. I would like to be challenged to help those who do not have the same opportunity. I can not answer for what I have not done, but I ask for forgiveness for those who have not done so themselves. A chance to learn, a chance to grow, a chance that I will not put to waste.


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