So what did not happen this past weekend???

The Royal Wedding, Pope John Paul II Beatification and President Obama’s announcement of Osama Bin Laden’s death. History made LIVE, take that WORLD!

What did I do,  I simply relaxed. I spent my entire weekend with my boyfriend and all we did was watch movies, eat yummy food and took nice walks. Just us time!

Of course, I did not miss a chance to tune in to watch The Royal Wedding (can’t wait for the next one aka Prince Harry’s) this past Friday to kick off the weekend. The wedding was beautiful, vows were short and the bride looked stunning! It is the fairy tale ending of true love between the Prince and a commoner in the 21st century! Now the world will be watching to see how they will make it work!

As for the rest of the news… well I will be lying if I said I cared even a little bit. Death of a #1 wanted terrorist does not signify Peace nor a major  breakthrough on the forefront of the fight against terrorism. There is always some0ne who is ready to replace the mastermind. Taking care of a bad guy isn’t the real task! It is just a symbolic jest of “we did something”.  With regards to the  beatification process (though a proper step), I see it as a way to cash in. Sorry if I am offending anyone, but this is how I see it.  People see John Paul II as a Saint already, earthly legal procedures are just bureaucracy at its best.  Humans and our silly ways to control our OWN actions! I wonder what it would be like to have a chance to create your own society from scratch. It seems to me that any type of government/ruling body makes “rules/laws” so complicated only to hide their own not so complicated mistakes!

All in all, WELCOME TO MAY 2011… rumor has it… something should happen in Rome on May 11th… shall I be packing my bags?

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