As you can imagine, most of the world will focus on the Royal Wedding today (historical moment we are all living through here), but all I can think about is your birthday. It’s your birthday and yet again I am not celebrating it with you. I am not even this (-) close to give you a birthday hug. It brings tears to my eyes, but as I am slowly learning… this is LIFE. When I was leaving Bishkek, I had no idea what my life would be like at this moment as I am writing this. I could have never imagined I will be living in Rome. I now speak two more languages, English and Italian. I have traveled to 27 new countries. I have met so many new people. It is even possible, I have found THE ONE. All in between, 10 years have passed by since I last saw you in person. 10 years went by as if it was meant to be this way. If you have never been away from someone longer than a week, try to imagine what 10 years could feel like to you. If I ever wished to make more money, it is only to have a chance to visit those I love more often. If I ever wished to make more money, it is only to never have to choose between the distance and love.  It doesn’t always have to be fair, but I hope it will be easier with time!

There is no price tag on a chance to visit what once was my home.

daddy and my little brothers Nikita and Kirill


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