I feel like some where between my childhood and now, my emotional state of being got screwed up. I don’t cry at funerals. I was between 3 and 5 years old, I have hard remembering such details, when my great grandfather passed away. I remember going around forcing everyone to smile because I felt it was inappropriate everyone was crying. After few hours of smiles I start feeling bad I was not crying either and thus I forced myself to cry. Yeah that is me! To add to why I think I am emotionally screwed up areĀ  the following facts: I over analyze my behavior, everything I say and how everyone behaves around me. I take things too personal. I care even about people who have hurt me emotionally before. I analyze other people to try to understand them because most people do NOT make sense to me. The list can go on, but as I learned in all the psychology classes I took, I am what psychologies would consider normal. At least somewhere in my life I get a pass. Off to try to figure myself out!

Each day brings a new experience.

A new memory.

A new story to tell.

Write them down before you forget.


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