Why lies? Why all the silly lies? I don’t care to know if you don’t care to share. I don’t need another fake friend in my life. I don’t need another empty and meaningless friendship. It is your life and those are your mistakes. I don’t need to judge because who am I to judge? Why are you so afraid to tell me the truth?

Sometimes I wonder why we are friends. I wonder what constitutes a friendship? I wonder why are we so insecure with people around us? I simply don’t understand why we are hiding from ourselves…

I don’t know how else to put it to words. If you feel judged and I am not judging you, have you ever considered that perhaps you are judging yourself? If you feel that I am not listening and all I do is listen to your “what is wrong today” perhaps you are not listening to yourself. When we project our own insecurities onto others, we prolong the joy of facing them ourselves. Though with that we never realize how much we hurt those around us when we refuse to see our own faults. The pain we cause by our blissful ignorance is the  internalized pain that eventually will break down the wall of confidence in your friendship.

Take a step back (or two).

Try to see what you are refusing to see.

When you are searching for the sunshine,

don’t just wait for the clouds to pass.


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