Why is it that at times, someone else decides what are dreams should be… Why is it that at times, everything, but our own will dictates where our life should go… Why is it that at times, we are not even slightly in charge of our own destiny?

We live our life and at times we don’t even have a clue where it is taking us. There is no clear goal in mind, merely an autopilot mode on as we plow through the life. We forget yesterday from today and tomorrow seems to be a repetition of yet another sameness. We want to break through, but there is no willpower to even try. Even the tears are not washing away the pain that we are carrying on our shoulders. Fear is no longer in charge, because there is nothing to be in charge period. Excitement is a forgotten friend that no longer even makes a phone call. Sleep is a pointless waste of time because even dreams no longer come to visit. What’s now?… Slowly through the fog I see the breakthrough of sunshine in the distance. I hear the voice deep down within me. I tell myself that I and only I am in charge. STOP! enough! NO MORE!

I open my eyes…

Reality and fantasy are the two worlds that we must balance in order to stay sane. I am tired of being misjudged. I am burned-out from hearing other people’s misconstrued view of who I am. I give all I got, but it does not suggest I am giving EVERYTHING away. Today I, myself, am asking you to keep putting me down because I only get stronger when I stand back up. Don’t dream for me! Don’t think for me! Don’t finish my sentences!

Breathe in and breathe out…

We all need guidance while we are taking our first step. Though it does not suggest that someone should be holding our hand for the rest of our journey.

Baby steps…

There is no other way to do it, but to do it myself. I am breaking through these thick walls. I am learning to separate ignorance from substance. I am molding this vase. I am my own sculptor!

We all have dreams!

Please stop telling me how to dream!


3 thoughts on “Not my dream!

  1. Thanks so much for visiting my ‘Careann’s Musings’ blog yesterday via Freshly Pressed. I love meeting new people here in cyberspace. As a writer I keep my blog’s focus mostly on writing, but obviously I post on other topics, too.

    I’ve enjoyed having a peek at your blog. Your post today suggests deep emotions. I hope you find the independence you seem to be seeking, and that it brings you fulfillment.

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