This is how the rumors start… you share YOUR story… someone makes their personal editing of what THEY think the story should be like… and then you hear from someone else what YOUR story is! WHAT?!?! Yes, exactly my thought! This is why, more and more, I am convinced our (by OUR, I mean entire human civilization) biggest issue is miscommunication! Even when we speak the same language, we never seem to understand each other or we choose to understand what we think the other person is saying! Why? WHY? why? It is not your place to tell me what you think I am saying. If you do not understand something, it is OK to ask: could you tell me what did you mean by that? If you hear rumors, don’t repeat them. (We are all intelligent enough to know the difference between gossip and facts.) When someone is miscommunicating information, please correct them before more drama will take place. I am personally learning how to communicate better and on all levels with everyone in my life. We are not all “created equally” thus we do not all understand the same information “equally”. It is OK to say I don’t get it! It is OK to acknowledge that you are not that familiar with the topic. It is OK to state your opinion and still inform yourself more about the topic. Knowledge is a beauty that we are always able to expand! Don’t close yourself up! Don’t disregard the fact that there are always 2 sides to each story! Don’t forget it’s OK to disagree! Don’t force YOUR opinion onto others! Don’t be blind and think you don’t need to continue learning!

I am talking, but you only hear what you wish to hear!


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