Future. I prefer not to think about it too much. Thinking about the future makes me anxious. Even sick to my stomach. I am officially without a job in July and at the moment I am without a clear plan on my next step in life.

I try to live in the present, as of now as of today. Though, I am facing the reality of the not so certain near future and I must consider “what’s next”. I prefer not to think about it at the moment, yet I can not afford this option. How can I figure something out when I don’t even know what are my options? Can I make this decision alone or should WE be making it together? Do I stay or do I go? Too many questions with too few answers. I know I can’t choose/decide/consider just yet. I also know I need to tell you everything, to know what you think about everything. I need to know where we stand in a long term. I need to make decisions based on my priorities without harming our future. I am not scared, I am simply concerned and stressed. I need to do what will make me happy because I don’t want to have regrets later on in life.

Hear me and help me decide!


Something that helped me to clear my mind for a short moment: http://www.careerplanner.com/Career-Articles/so_you_lost_your_job.cfm


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