Do we always end up dating/seeing/marrying someone else’s ex?

I am not sure if it’s a fact or my personal opinion, but it feels like everyone always has an ex. On one hand it is an expectant experience and on the other hand it might be a territory you don’t want to touch. I am trying not to go there, yet to live in the present, I first must understand the past.

Anything we do now, most definitely has a past. The complexity of this world is phenomenal. I doubt even the smartest computer is able to truly grasp it all. For myself, I am trying to understand something simple and irrelevant; however, this simple and irrelevant always leads my thoughts to something larger than me. I love puzzles.  Putting the bigger picture of this world together by understand myself, others around me, cultures, infrastructure and beyond all is too fascinating. It is intriguing to challenge myself, though it is only in my mind, through the reading, the talking and not yet through actions. By understanding this simple and irrelevant will allow me to make sense of what is larger than me.

Discovering you by discovering me.


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