Have you ever had something on your mind that you really had to and were dying to ask? I did and so, I asked.

This whole relationship thingy, talking and sharing about my feelings is super new to me. Without complementing him too much, I must say he is a great listener and knows how to get me to talk. A quality that is rare nowadays and very much undervalued.

I asked. I asked what was on my mind all day. At first, I played a bit unfair. I wasn’t ready to ask when I first saw you. I put you in suspense and I could feel your agitation.  Thankfully you didn’t get angry, you patiently waited until I was ready to ask.  Asking you turned out to be the easy part. You answered and put my mind to peace. I hope all these silly insecurities will fade away sooner than later. It is unfair to both of us. I realized that no talk, no matter how hard, serious, personal or scary it is, is not worth having. If you don’t ask, you will never know. You agitate yourself and the other person without even realizing it. Though at times we do forget that talking and communicating with each other is as important as drinking water. Of course, living in such abundance makes one forget of our basic needs as humans. Yet, there is no substitution for water just like there no gifts, text messages, cards, or letters can substitute face to face conversation. Next time you have a problem, a thought, a question or a simply wonder, go ahead and ask! The only stupid question is the one not ASKED!

I wondered for too long.

I no longer choose to live with questions.


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