Can we really justify ourselves and all the harm we cause to each other? Can we really say that something government dabs in the name of our people is that different from someone who is making their point via different routes?

It is time to redefine our lives but redefining how we work together. We are no longer conquerors of the World. We are no longer the separate nations we used to be. We are slowly maturing from the barbarians to civilize people with few defects to work out. Surely we are not quite there yet, but we are slowly on our way.


As to my life, it is as exciting as it can be. Yesterday was full of emotions. Full of news! Full of life! I have officially applied to the University of Bradford. My boss mentioned my contact. If the offer is good, what do I do? School or work? Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! I am traveling to the US of A this Friday. I am super excited to see my family and friends. Of course, I am also excited to do some damage in the shopping department. I need some pretty dresses and new jeans that fit my slimmer figure. I am slowly finding peace with the past year of my life. I messaged HIM. My room is in a terrible need of cleaning. I was sad over the points for my performance as a goalie and a bit ticked off over losing a game last night.  Though today I am smiling thanks  to the wonderful people in my life. I enjoyed catching up with few girlfriends I haven’t seen in awhile. I was happy to see some faces I haven’t seen in a bit. It feels like Friday, yet it’s only Tuesday morning! I feel like having pancakes for dinner tonight, anyone would like to join?


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