If you love Jazz and you live in Rome, you must visit Alexander Platz in Prati. What started off as something different for a night is now turning into a weekend tradition. Perhaps, after going there two weekends in a row might be too soon to tell but perhaps it’s just a right number.

Sunday 13:00 in the afternoon. I opened my eyes after only getting few hours of sleep (yes, I am still blaming unknowingly caused insomnia and a late sober night out) to realize it is raining outside. It is yet another derby Sunday. AS Roma is set to battle out against rivals  SS Lazio which is known to be the fiercest derby in Italy. I feel like the rain outside is meant to bring AS Roma some good luck. The mood is tranquil and the freshness of the air brings hope. Indeed, AS Roma didn’t disappoint and 2 goals by Totti proves yet again AS Roma still got it going on. Cheers and excitement including pretty out there banners filled the stadium and the streets of the capital.

To conclude such an overwhelming day, Alexander Platz was what doctor prescribed. Calm your nervous and cleanse your soul and that is exactly what I did. I forgot about the troubles, the day’s excitement and anything  else that was coming up and indulged myself with a beautiful Jazz voice telling me that Spring is here and love is in the air. Of course, I couldn’t keep dirty side comments to myself about not so PG13 couples all around and you can notice dirty looks toward our giggling table. Perhaps, I was a tad jealous and a tad annoyed by their public display of affection. Nevertheless, if I am meant to respect musicians and keep quiet, please keep your tongues to yourselves! Apart from that, the evening was just what I needed and greatly to my little side bet from the previous weekend, I didn’t pay a dime!


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