Third night in a row and I can’t sleep. I close my eyes, but I’m not tired and my mind is not at rest. I don’t know what’s going on. It’s not that exciting to lay in bed and listen to the clock reminding me that I am still not sleeping. My mind doesn’t want to rest. It keeps thinking about everything and anything like the clock that never stops ticking for one second. So much is on my mind and yet it is completely empty. Paradox. The mystery that I need to  solve in order to find my sleep. I read an article the other day that linked Insomnia to Depression. It made me wonder about my current sleeping problem. (Of course, after taking many psychology classes I know few symptoms do not lead to diagnosis.) How do we understand our pains?  How do we know where the pain is coming from if we are not even able to understand it? What is causing my temporary lack of sleep and lack of tiredness? I am happy, I didn’t lose my appetite, I am able to function during the day, I don’t have weird mood swings and besides being tired I have no complains. Perhaps, I am naturally nervous and it is the voice in my head that makes me wonder if I will succeed in making my next move. My life is once again about to change. Will I be OK? Will everything going to work out? Will it be worth it? How do I tell my myself that it’s going to be just FINE?


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