It took Katy Perry and her E.T. song to introduce me to a new word.  Though I am having a hard time pronouncing “Extraterrestrial“, I am absolutely fascinated with it. I had to look it up and educate myself on the meaning after I heard the song for the first time. Extraterrestrial life (from the Latin words: extra (“beyond”, or “not of”) and‎ terrestris (“of or belonging to Earth”)) is defined as life that does not originate from Earth. Thanks to Wikipedia and Katy Perry I have learned something new today. Since I was born in ’85, I missed out on the ’82s phenomena of the American science fiction film E.T. and plus I have never been very curios to find out what E.T. actually stands for. No wonder popular culture is a subject that is currently entering curriculum of  many schools. It is simply educational. Not as per say educational as Chemistry but it clearly has its own benefits. It’s the misinterpretation that needs to be worked on. As with the reference to the song, I absolutely love it.  Simple, but straightforward. Of course, as following the most common pop cultural phenomena it is all about sex. Makes me wonder, will we ever change and acquire a new DNA?


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