As I lay here early in the morning listening to the noise coming from the room next door… I wonder if there is such thing as “THE ONE” in life. What makes your first love be so different from THE ONE you meet on your third  or even seventh try? If we can fall in love as easily as fall out of it, what is there to love? Is it a feeling we assign when we care deeply for someone? Is SEX -> LOVE or is LOVE -> SEX? How does MAKING LOVE differs from HAVING SEX? Are we just decorating expressions or is there such difference when it comes to feelings? Are SEX and LOVE related? Are they twins , cousins or distant relatives?  These questions we have been asking for decades and still we have no answer. Maybe the answer is not within the lines of society that changes as time goes by, but within the lines of our own lives. Maybe it is the search we are meant to go through… Maybe it is the experience that comes along with the search… maybe it is a secret that only few of us get to discover! I certainly have not figured it out yet.

Perhaps what bugs me the most is “THE ONE” part! At the same time, taboos and the close-mindedness of society when it comes to what love is, is what doesn’t sit well with me. No longer do boys and girls grow up into traditional roles of  stay-at-home wives and hard working husbands. It’s no longer the world of a nuclear family. We are no longer promised at birth.  We don’t match assets or family backgrounds. Chances of get it right the first time around are along the lines of winning a lottery. Maybe options are what screwing us up or perhaps it’s the fact that our past traditions no longer matching up with current expectations.  How DO you match the outdated cultural traditions with the modern world? If it’s no longer till death do us apart, how do we redefine love?



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