Will we ever feel SAFE again? A bit rhetorical, but can a yes or no answer be given? I can hear “maybe… perhaps… depending on… with hope…” and anything else that leaves room for interpretation. Sadly to say, I am disturbed. Robbery, rape, kidnapping, murder, suicide, drunk accident, shooting, bombing, crime of passion, serial killer, stalking, war, arson, corruption, manslaughter, child abuse, domestic violence, hate crime, racketeering, racism, harassment are only few acts of violence that can disturb anyone’s life at any given time. There is so much hate in the word. There is so much disturbance. There is so much venom. We live in the 21st century and yet we are still learning how to be humans!

By no means am I trying to state the obvious. By no means am I telling you what you might already no. Yet, I would ♥LOVE♥ to encourage EVERYONE to start changing the world by changing their personal life.  Listen to Gandhi and be the change you want to see in the world! Take a good look around you and see how you can turn any negative into a positive. Share a smile, land a helping hand, volunteer, be curious and learn how a simple act of kindness can change lives. More than anything do it WITHOUT expecting anything in return. Do it because it feels good! Do it because it helps others! Do it because it helps you to remain HUMAN!

One day WE WILL breakdown the walls that separate cultures, neighborhoods, families and genders.  One day KINDNESS will reach each heartless heart. One day WE WILL stand UNITED! One day  WE WILL be the change we want to see in the world. TODAY I will make my first step! TOMORROW I will land a helping hand! After I will let the kindness do the MAGIC!


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