Definite it as you wish, but once rejected feels like twice burned.

On one side: you put in your sweat, hard work  and bestest effort, but it simply wasn’t good enough. On the other side:  you scratch your head and wonder if you could have done more. So which is it? Is it not good enough or didn’t try hard enough? Either way you look at it, there is one most important aspect to realize… Rejection is just it: a rejection.  By no means is it a testament of your life, a definition of your work and a validity of your credentials.

Those who are less fortunate are the ones to learn from. They know rejection better than anyone. They live it. They breathe it. They learn to accept it. As hard as it might be, they don’t let each rejection they face to stop them from moving forward. Even if the moving forward part only means asking a next stranger they encounter for some change.

Give before you take.

Learn to appreciate what you have.

Adopt to anything life brings your way.

Remember to look down only when you helping someone up.

Live without holding your breath.


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