I think we are more than meets the eye. Sometimes, self-centerness blinds us and does not allows us to we what’s around! We are yay big and the WORLD is YAY big. Try to compare THAT, include all time zones, add billion of people and condition an imbalance in power. That’s one messed up society you got there. Can we make it? Can we leave a legacy behind for those who will no longer know the world as it is today? Can we legitimately fix it all up and tie a pink bow around it? Hard to say! Not HARD to imagine though. The power of life is divided equally between those who think for themselves, those who would like to think for others and those who don’t think. I don’t think a threesome would work here!?! Hmmm… We need to shake it loose! We need to mix it up! We need to turn off the lights and let the night do the magic! Lights off…


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