What should have been a great morning, started off with a message that confused the heck out of me! Few hours later and I finally figured out what triggered the message. Now it’s even a bigger issue. No, not even an issue, it’s a PROBLEM! I am angry! I am pissed! More than anything, I don’t know how to move on from here. I am sick of people telling me what a terrible friend I am. I am sick of people telling me how things I do annoy them. I am sick of people not ever addressing the issue with me before it even becomes an issue. I am sick of falseness and pretend.  I am sick of self-centerness and selfishness! If my opinion sounds like criticism, why do you ask for it? Why do you never say something? Shouldn’t we be able to listen and decide for ourselves what the HECK to DO with OUR life?! When the HECK did it become that what I say is something you MUST follow? When the HECK did honesty became the ENEMY? If you are not able to tell me things as they happen, I wonder if there is anything else you don’t tell me that I should know! Secrets, secrets! secrets?…

This has gotten to me a bit too deep! For once, I need to be honest with myself and stop giving excuses to others! I think I might need to take a rain-check to see the value for me in “laughing things off” when I am only asking for respect! Maybe I just need to focus on me for now and stop being always there for everyone else…


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