S&M. What? Yeah, I had no idea and had to look it up! Wikipedia came through and I feel more educated. S&M stands for sadomasochism, in other words,the pleasure of receiving and inflicting pain. Ooo Rihanna:

Love is great, love is fine (Oh oh oh oh oh)
Out the box, outta line (Oh oh oh oh oh)
The affliction of the feeling leaves me wanting more (Oh oh oh oh oh)

No subtlety. No hidden messages. Finally! Of course, on one hand her message is a bit in your face information, but on the other side, you don’t have to guess what’s on her mind. Haven’t you ever heard: “If things were different…” All I want to say to that: OK stop right there. Drop the “If” and drop your act. Candidly, nothing would be different. Nothing would change. When you want something to happen, you make it happen. You don’t discuss it, you don’t debate about it, you go and do it! As for the rest, when someone talks in the “if” terms, “they”  plainly don’t have the balls to be honest. Not only honest with others, more so they don’t have the balls to be honest with themselves!

We are intimidated to share what’s really on our mind. I’ll include myself into this category as well because there have been times when I walked away from a conversation/situation/moment and thought: “I wish I said MORE!“. Obviously, MORE doesn’t always mean quality and honesty. It only means that more often or not, we hold back what’s really on our mind. We make promises we can’t keep. We forget to remind those we love, how much we love them until it’s too late. We miss moments because we are too frightened to “go for it“. Naturally, some are more self-centered and egotistic and this issue might not apply to them. I am not judging. I am not telling you who you are and who you’ll never be. I am letting you what’s on my mind even if you don’t care to hear my thoughts. Beauty of blogging, finally trying to make sense of my thoughts!

Back to RiRi. Though I am not impressed with the video, I think the song is catchy and I really don’t mind the lyrics. Ultimately, it’s her message and it’s her song.

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