February of 6th of 2011

2:34PM Rome, Italy

Piazza della Repubblica

I slowly made my way to Piazza della Repubblica to gather for the protest focused around the power struggle in Egypt and their fight for Democracy. Democracy – the word we throw freely, often and loosely. While looking around and taking pictures, I asked myself: “Why am I here? It isn’t MY battle after all.” For one, I came to document the event which soon will be forgotten by majority and as per usual business will be filed in our history files as “what has been”. For more, this time around, I wanted to sit in the front row and learn from people, not from books. Above all, I came to listen and hopefully to understand the conflict from the people not the internet.

I am not Egyptian. I have only experienced what Egypt has to offer as a tourist. I don’t know Egyptian customs. I don’t share neither language nor heritage. With that said, we did not gathered to compare how Egypt relates to us, everyone who came gathered to be heard! Not skin color, not nationality, not race, not gender matters when you fight for your right to be FREE! We often forget how much blood has already been spilled in the name of the FREEDOM! No one cares when the issue is far removed from their daily life. Many forget that we are all are and always will be HUMAN BEINGS.

People talked about the power struggle with the glimpse of hope for a change that might come. They talked about the fight: not just a fight to FREE Egypt, but also a reminder that the fight starts at home and their home now is Italy. I listen to people speak up about those in power. I listen to people reminding each other how those above abuse the power at the expense of those who have nothing to their name. I listen to people chant Mubarak’s name and call for Democracy. Yet, this all sounds so familiar. This all sounds like it happens time after time and we always return to square one. Time goes by, but people never see the freedom and the richness that those in power enjoy in their name. People don’t see the change and close their eyes to pretend that this is how it is meant to be. Those who fight, die. Those who don’t fight, are dead inside. Those who don’t care, take for granted what’s theirs today and someone’s tomorrow. What was said is VALID! Yet, what was voiced many heard time after time!

Where do we go from here? What solutions are there to fight the power struggle, corruption and the promises that never see the daylight? Its it possible to change the WORLD? Is there hope for PEACE? Are there new beginnings in sight? What story will we tell to the children of tomorrow? What future can they hope for? What will those in power do? Would they protect their richness? Would they protect their power? Will they ever see that they are KILLING their brothers and sisters? And all of this for what? To keep checks and balances on who lives and who dies? To keep control on who has a bigger checking account? What will they do with all these money? Who will they slave to contribute to their future bank accounts? Power in the hands of a blind who doesn’t see past todayis scary! Power is a BEAUTIFUL thing, unfortunately more often or not… THOSE in power are VERY UGLY PEOPLE! Don’t PLAY games with MY life… sooner or later… WE ALL PAY THE PRICE!!!


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