First day of the new month and I am already facing decisions. When I woke up, I was hoping it will be just “another” Tuesday. You know the usual… work, home, dinner and some calcetto. I even forgot that it is the first day of the second month aka February 1, 2011. Instead, I saw something on the floor of the apartment I share. What do I do? To say or not to say? To ask or not to ask? To pretend and not get involved? To get involved into somethings that’s none of my business? Here come the questions of loyalty and morals. I feel like sitting here and biting my nails, but I am not sure that will help me decide what to do. According to my horoscope, I should be changing my surroundings. Yet, I am not sure that it is a solution here. Dam, dam, dam!

On a more personal note, I am on my second day of the challenge and so far no slip ups. I wouldn’t ask for a medal though because all I have been craving is chocolate and my new favorite of the moment “Strawberry Cosmo“.  As I sip my water, I mentally convince myself that it is for the best  aka my health and a month is absolutely nothing. Looking great is HARD work! Of course, it is HARD work that pays off in big ways!

New observation of the day: I really dislike confrontations because I have no idea how to handle them. I aspire to learn how to confront without fear. Though, I realize that my fear comes from the lack of facts! My impression, any conflict builds up from the lack of knowledge or complete information/facts. Since I do not know all the details, I am not sure I have a right to assume nor a right to confront because I do not know what I am confronting to begin with. Or is this an easy way out?


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