January 31, 2011.

Last day of the first month. New start of the first week. Latest choices.

I have decided to give up alcohol, few sweets and bread this month. I also wish to dedicate a little more time to my “new plan“!

I realized that I have been a bit laid back lately. Personally, it works for me greatly and I am enjoying my life at 25. Yet, I was thinking that though slacking back is OK, since I  am still pretty active with my laid back mode ON, I need to start keeping up with goals and plans. I need to check through my values and see where I see myself next. I have already decided I need to find a right way to obtain British citizenship and along that my Masters degree in Peace and Conflict resolution. That is partially on my “new plan“! For an immediate action, I am just getting back in shape, starting again with calcetto, finding more time to volunteer, perhaps find something to make a bit of cash on a side and of course this list is never ending. To not freak myself out much, I’ll start with baby steps. Changes take time, I just don’t want to wait for ages.

Loving new ME!


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